Arnau Gifreu

on interactive documentary

Arnau Gifreu on interactive documentary - Background

Researcher, producer, curator and lecturer

My doctoral dissertation (2013) provides an original conceptual framework and taxonomic study of the interactive documentary and the interactive forms of nonfiction. I've published articles, books and presented papers and activities on this topic in different national and international conferences.

I'm research affiliate at the Comparative Media Studies and Open Documentary Lab ( (MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013-2014) and part of the i-Docs group, (University of the West of England), the first research group and international conference dedicated to interactive documentary study (2011-2014).

I coordinate InterDocsBarcelona (2013-2014), the first event (conference, exhibition, meet up and popathon) on the interactive documentary in the latin area. I'm also the director of the research platform InterDOC (2011), which has several parts such a lab and project database.

I use to write for the  MIT Open Documentary Lab and websites (international), and for and "Somos Documentales" by RTVE.ES, running the blog: “Webdocs. Historias del siglo XXI

I've produced and directed some projects such as MetamentalDOC, Cyborg Project (European Youth Award 2013 and Teens&Docs 2013) and COME/IN/DOC (IDFA Doclab database, i-docs Conference), amongst others. I also offer consulting and assessment to companies interested (Las Sinsombrero)

I've helped to start the first line of interactive documentary for the Máster en Documental Creativo at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona  (2011) and also taught the first seminars of analysis of this genre ("La Casa del Cine", 2009-2012).

I've supervised several projects - theoretical and prototypes - of this nature during seven years leading the direction of project management of the Audiovisual Communication Degree at the Universitat de Vic  (Multimedia Specialty, 2007-2013).

In this figure is summarised my background in this specific field



Main publications


El documental interactivo. Evolución, caracterización y perspectivas de desarrollo

Pioneros de la tecnología digital. Ideas visionarias del mundo tecnológico actual

Narrativas de no ficción audiovisual, interactiva y transmedia


Jugando en el aula con el documental interactivo y transmedia

El uso del documental transmedia como herramienta para el cambio social. Análisis de casos focalizados en las desigualdades de género en el siglo XXI

Processes, Modes and Methodologies for the Analysis and Design of Interactive Documentaries

Aproximación al potencial colaborativo de la narrativa documental interactiva en los procesos de cambio social

i-Docs Symposia-Conference (2011, 2012 and 2014)

El documental interactiu i transmèdia. Aproximació, estat de desenvolupament i anàlisi de casos en l'àmbit espanyol

Educational multimedia applied to the interactive nonfiction area. Using interactive documentary as a new model for learning

Estrategias y modelos de financiación del Documental Interactivo y Transmedia

El documental interactivo en la estrategia de la multidifusión digital Evaluación del estado del arte en relación con la temática, las plataformas y la experiencia del usuario

El documental interactiu com a nou gènere audiovisual - Premis CAC 2013

Proposed use of the interactive documentary in the field of education. Case studies developed at the University of Vic

Reseña Tesis Doctoral

Encuentros históricos entre el género documental y el medio digital para conformar el documental interactivo

El documental interactivo: estado de desarrollo actual

The case of Guernica, pintura de Guerra, the first catalan interactive documentary project

The interactive nonfiction as 2.0 educational strategy. The case of the interactive documentary

Llenguatge interactiu de no ficció aplicat en l’àmbit dels dispositius mòbils

The Interactive Documentary. Definition Proposal and Basic Features of the New Emerging Genre

El documental interactivo como discurso de la no ficción interactiva. Por una propuesta de definición y categorización del nuevo género emergente

El nuevo discurso de la no ficción interactiva y su aplicación para los dispositivos móviles. El caso del documental multimedia interactivo

El documental multimedia interactivo. Por una propuesta de definición y categorización del nuevo género emergente


El documental interactiu com a nou gènere audiovisual. Estudi de l’aparició del nou gènere, aproximació a la seva definició i proposta de taxonomia i d’un model d'anàlisi a efectes d'avaluació, disseny i producció (Tesis doctoral original - CAT)

El documental interactivo como nuevo género audiovisual. Estudio de la aparición del nuevo género, aproximación a su definición y propuesta de taxonomía y de un modelo de análisis a efectos de evaluación, diseño y producción (PHD - Tesis doctoral)


El documental interactivo. Una propuesta de modelo de análisis

El documental multimèdia interactiu. Una proposta de model d'anàlisi (Pre-PHD)

Interactive Digital Stories Track

Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI), The Department of Radio-Television-Film at The University of Texas at Austin and Madeira Film Festival

Role: Jury

Sexe, maraques i chihuahues

Webdoc about the life of the musician Xavier Cugat

Role: Coordination, script and documentation

Bugarach. How to Survive the Apocalypse

Documentary game which tells the story of the small French village of Bugarach, the only shelter of Maya apocalypse ...

Role: Interaction Design - Transmedia Architecture

Desenterrant el negre

ERAM - University of Girona

Winner of the COMUNICA awards to promote Audiovisual Creation (1st edition, CCMA, Catalan Universitary System and AGAUR).

Students: Gerard Hugas, Roger Bisbe, Daniel Alvarez, David Porras, Mónica Sala, Aida Pérez, Albert Garanger and Antonia Antequera

Role: Tutor - Transmedia projects director

i-Docs Conference 2016

i-Docs Conference attendance, presentation and panel moderation

Panel: Latin webdocs + Quipu Project + Q&A

Role: Speaker and moderator

COME/IN/DOC Documentary Series launch

March 3, 2016 (Bristol, UK - MIT Open Documentary Lab)

Role: Director

interDocsBarcelona 2016

4rth edition: Conference, Interactive pitch, Interactive Screenings, Virtual Reality Exhibition and Popathon

Role: Coordinator

interDocsBarcelona+Medellín 2016

3rd edition: Master Class, Case Study and Hackadoc

Role: Coordinator

Master Degree in Transmedia Journalism and Documentary

Carlos III University (Madrid)

Subject: Online Documentary Projects Management + Projects assessment

Role: Professor - Tutor

Enlace Master UC3M

'Scholarship for developing interactive web documentary'

Ministry of Culture. Government of Colombia

Role: Jury

Winner Laus Award 2015 (Multiplatform Category)

Project: Cyborg Project

Role: Executive - Transmedia Producer

Aixo nostre

ERAM/Audiovisual and Multimedia Production School - Audiovisual and Multimedia Grade

Interactive documentary about the values of a rural school located in the village of Osor, Girona (Spain)

Students: Marc Auladell, Albert Sánchez, Ivette Serrallonga, Laia Font, Helena Corbera and Àngels Teixidor

Role: Tutor - Director proyectos transmedia

Animal Hero

ERAM/Audiovisual and Multimedia Production School - Audiovisual and Multimedia Grade

Transmedia documentary about the game as a learning process in children with Down Syndrome

Project selected for the Pitching Universitario (Cluster Audiovisual de Cataluña, 1st edition).

Students: Anna Vila-Clara, Vanessa Pujol, Silvia Quera, Yolanda Peregrin, Alba Bosacoma and Aniol Batallé.

Role: Tutor - Transmedia projects director

interDocsBarcelona 2015

3rd edition: Conference, Interactive pitch, Interactive Screenings and Popathon

May 22-28, 2015 - CCCB Barcelona

Role: Coordinator

interDocsBarcelona+Medellín 2015

2nd edition: Master Class, Case Study and Hackadoc

July 19-24, 2015 - Parque Explora Medellín

Role: Coordinator

Course 'New narratives: Interactive and Transmedia Documentary’

DocsBarcelona Documentary School

Role: Academic Course Direction

interDocsBarcelona+Medellín 2014

1st edition: Master class and Case Study

July 17-23, 2014 - Parque Explora Medellín

Role: Coordinator

interDocsBarcelona 2014

2nd edition: Conference, Meet Up, Interactive Screenings and Popathon

May 24-29, 2014 - CCCB Barcelona

Role: Coordinator

i-Docs Conference 2014

i-Docs Conference attendance: panel coordination (Focus Spain) and presentation

Role: Collaborator - speaker

Master Degree in Creative Documentary. Pompeu Fabra University

Subject: 'Introduction to interactive documentary language'

Role: Professor

ESCAC- Cinema and Audiovisuals Superior School of Catalonia

Subject 'Documentary Theories' - Cinema and Audiovisual Media Grade

Interactive Documentary Professor

Role: Professor


ERAM/Audiovisual and Multimedia Production School - Audiovisual and Multimedia Grade

Students: Mireia Casajuana, Ferran Company, Jaume Serradelarca, Isaura Creus, Sara Pascual, Noemi Roset and Gerard Tarrats

Role: Professor - tutor - transmedia projects director


Collaborative Meta-interactive documentary, a project to learn about the interactive documentary (+ IDFA DOCLAB Database 2013, i-docs Conference 2014)

Role: Director

+ Bernat Torras and Catalina Acelas

Interactive documentary

Project Summary

interdocsBarcelona 2014

Second edition of the conference on interactive documentary, with interactive pitching, a transmedia documentary meet up and a popathon to develop prototipes

Role: Coordinator


The interactive documentary lab of interDOC

Role: Director


First online database of interactive documentaries from Latin countries

Role: Director

Somos ocumentales (We are documentaries), RTVE

Project produced by the Interactive Media Team of TVE (Spanish TV) that brings together more than 5000 documentaries and several blogs

Role: Researcher/Editor

Blog curator: "Webdocs. Historias del siglo XXI" [Webdocs. Stories of the XXI Century]

The interactive documentary

Evolution, characterization and development perspectives.

Barcelona: UOC Press. Editorial UOC

Role: Author

Author of the first book written in Spanish about the interactive documentary

Las Sinsombrero


Transmedia documentary about the forgotten women of the literary "Generation of 27"

Role: Assessment

Web Aula Marató TVC

Interactive documentary for the marathon of the Catalan Television station (TVC), for education about neurodegenerative diseases

Role: Co-director, Multimedia producer

+ Pere Arcas and Catalina Acelas

Marató TV3 Website

Marató Foundation Website

MIT Open Documentary Lab

Comparative Media Studies

Role: Research affiliate

interdocsBarcelona 2013

(Docs Barcelona International Documentary Film Festival)

First conference and exhibition dedicated to the study of the interactive documentary in Latin countries

Role: Coordinator


Case Studies



Summary Conference

Summary Exhibition


Learning platform dedicated to the research, analysis and dissemination of interactive non-fiction, which is proposed as a tool for studying and producing interactive documentary as an emerging form of audiovisual narrative

Role: Founder and director

Cyborg Project

A transmedia documentary about the experience of not perceiving colors and the world of cyborgs.

Role: Executive and transmedia producer, promoter

+ Roger Soldevila, Raymond Lagonigro, Josep Cumeras and Isaac Martinez

Audiovisual documentary

Interactive documentary

Interactive game


App Google Play

Cyborg Foundation

Neil Harbisson's personal website

Espill Media

Audiovisual, Interactive and transmedia production company

Role: Cofounder - Director

+ Roger Soldevila, Raymond Lagonigro, Josep Cumeras and Isaac Martinez

Doctoral Thesis Presentation - UPF

PhD Candidate for the Doctoral Work entitled

Gifreu, Arnau (2012), The interactive documentary as a new audiovisual genre. Study of the emergence of the new genre, approach to its definition and taxonomy proposal and a model of analysis for the purposes of evaluation, design and production. [Doctoral Thesis]. Barcelona: Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Communication Department.

TDX (Online Doctoral Thesis)

Catalan version

Spanish version

CAC Awards for Research on Audiovisual Communication

Jury Veredict:

Winning work:

Interactive documentary website

(written in catalan)

First catalan website to offer a complete guide to interactive documentary

In a multi-color chip

Interactive and audiovisual documentary about Neil Harbisson, the first sonocromatic cyborg in history, who sees in black and white.

+ Roger Soldevila, Josep Parés, Isaac Martinez and Arnau Costa

Role: Tutoring, production and promotion

Talking Hearts

Interactive project proposal that expands the play "Talking hearts", an interactive performance created by the collective "Roots and Routes". Talking hearts is a youth initiative funded by the Youth in Action program of the European Union and coordinated by the Subjective Values Foundation (Budapest, Hungary) in partnership with Associazione culturale Fabbrica Europa (Firenze, Italy), EuroEst Foundation (Bucharest, Romania) and the University of Barcelona - LMI (Spain). It brings together four groups of young music, media and dance artists from four European countries with a diversity of cultural roots to promote creative European collaboration and social inclusion.

Encouraging young people to develop a common vision of a future Europe of cultural diversity as well as specific artistic, social, intercultural and entrepreneurship skills, “Talking hearts” is designed and organized by young people who met and worked together in various projects promoted by the ROOTS & ROUTES International network.

Role: Director of the interactive project.

+ Marta Mesquida, Catalina Acelas


Part of the group created by the University of the West of England - Digital Culture Research Centre. University of the West of England, Digital Cultures Research Centre

Conference 2012 Collaborator.

The 2012 i-Docs Symposium took place on March 22-23 at the Watershed Media Centre in Bristol (UK) and was convened by Sandra Gaudenzi and Judith Aston on behalf of the Digital Cultures Research Centre - University of the West of England. 2012 saw some really big names including Jigar Mehta, Brett Gaylor and a special Skype session with Kat Cizek.

i-docs Conference 2011 Collaborator

i-Docs was the first international lab/symposium dedicated solely to the rapidly evolving field of interactive documentary – a day-long event to showcase recent projects and discuss the artistic, economic and political implications of new forms of factual representation. In a lively and challenging programme incorporating two distinct strands, papers will be delivered in sessions running parallel to case study presentations and examples of new work from artists and producers.

I tu qui ets? [And who are you?]

Interactive documentary that emphasizes the importance of education in society and shows various possible alternatives to classical education, exploring education from a coeducational model, regardless of gender.

Role: Tutoring. Multimedia script, project direction

+ Bea Ruiz, Jennifer Vilarreal, Catalina Acelas

Sparklyng (Big Visit)

Web and mobile application with geolocation to create a unique and personal journey through the city of Vic, generating information and timelines in real-time using a mobile app.

Role: Tutoring. Multimedia script, project co-direction

+ Jaume Masarnau

Research work presentation

(Cum Laude)

Gifreu, Arnau (2010), The interactive multimedia documentary: a proposed analysis model [Research work]. Barcelona: Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Departament de Comunicació.

UPF online library

Spanish version

English version

2nd prototipe: MetamentalDOC


Interactive documentary that reflects on the documentary genre in terms of its history and concepts, including interviews and documents. It also contains an audiovisual documentary of 50 minutes.

Role: Tutoring. Multimedia content and script. Project direction

+ Ingrid Blasco, Myriam Figueira, Glòria Campos, Marc Molinos.

First prototype: Societat 2.0

[2.0 Society]

Start of interactive documentary production with students (prototypes, PhD Case Studies)

Interactive documentary about how new information and communication technologies are transforming society. It also contains an audiovisual documentary of 30 minutes.

Role: Tutoring. Project direction.

+ Joan Teixidó, Guillem Santapau, Oleguer Homs, Mireia Hurtado and Laia Piera