In a multi-color chip

2012 | Webdoc

This project involves an audiovisual documentary broken down into themes and videos that explain unfamiliar concepts about the figure of Neil Harbisson, a sonocromatic cyborg. In the interactive space, the user can experience the feeling of creating their own sound picture, with the possibility of sharing in social networks, and post it on the online gallery. The idea is to create an interactive application and an interactive documentary. Both the application and the documentary are about the Neil Harbisson disease condition known as achromatopsia or monochromatopsia (genetic, congenital non-progressive disease that affects vision so that the person can only see black and white). The documentary addresses the theme of man and the use of technology to improve his living conditions. It uses the term cyborg because the main character of the documentary is considered to be a cyborg.

Team: Roger Soldevila, Josep Parés, Isaac Martinez, Arnau Costa and Arnau Gifreu