Talking heARTS(Roots and routes)

2013 | Web

Interactive project proposal that expands the play "Talking hearts", an interactive performance created by the collective "Roots and routes". Talking hearts is a youth initiative funded by the Youth in Action program of the European Union and coordinated by the Subjective Values Foundation (Budapest, Hungary) in partnership with Associazione culturale Fabbrica Europa (Firenze, Italy), EuroEst Foundation (Bucharest, Romania) and the University of Barcelona - LMI (Spain). It brings together four groups of young music, media and dance artists from four European countries with a diversity of cultural roots to promote creative European collaboration and social inclusion.

Encouraging young people to develop a common vision of a future Europe of cultural diversity as well as specific artistic, social, intercultural and entrepreneurship skills, “Talking hearts” is designed and organized by young people who met and worked together in various projects promoted by the ROOTS & ROUTES International network.

Documentary direction: Marta Mesquida

Interactive documentary direction: Arnau Gifreu

Design and web development: Catalina Acelas