Projecte Lumières

2009 - 2010 | Web

Projecte Lumières is the first collaborative project on Catalan film history and acts as an information tool and academic resource. It helps the user to understand the historical evolution of cinema through textual content, film clips and interviews. In the initial prototype, the project was an offline interactive documentary (DVD Rom). From 2012 the project was reconsidered and initiated again, and a web was produced for a participatory project open to contributions from interactors.

Projecte Lumières is not limited to a chronological database, but rather it is the opportunity to understand the cinema arts. The aim is not to provide the user with information on directors, titles and movements, but rather to provide the necessary tools for understanding the different languages ​​of the different narrative times, countries and personalities.

Team: Judit Sarquella, Raul Aguilar, Maria Angels Ruano, Cristian Marimon and Arnau Gifreu