Eyeborg APP

2013 | App

Mobile application for Android and iOS that associates sounds with colors and creates an image composed of several layers of colors (sound pictures). Part of a transmedia project about the the cyborg world and specifically the figure of Neil Harbison.

The Android Application aims to recreate the metaphor for the mobile as the "Eyeborg", so that the user experience involves the sensations that Neil feels. It is, in a sense, a human extension through a mobile device, as Marshall McLuhan outlined decades ago. The application captures the colors through the device camera, analyzes the color and transforms it into an equivalent sound/color frequency. Thus, taking a few pixels from the centre of the image, the user can “listen” to colors and create their own sonor picture, then print or save it in the system as a JPG file.

Espill Media Team: Roger Soldevila, Josep Cumeras, Raymond Lagonigro, Isaac Martínez, Ana Marmol and Arnau Gifreu

Design and app programming: Josep Cumeras and Raymond Lagonigro

Video presentation

Digital Generation report (Ep. 62)