Everything for coexistence

2003 | 628

A television report focusing on criticism of the social services and the government's policies on immigration issues. It documents the experience of 500 people living illegally in a barracks on the outskirts of Barcelona. A historical document showing a place that no longer exists: the police barracks in Torres i Bages in Barcelona's Sant Andreu neighbourhood.

The Council demolished the barracks in 2004 and the vast majority of homeless people that lived there were never found homes in social housing or reintegrated into Spanish society. The project was conceived in terms of an opportunity to enter unexplored territory, a place resembling a jungle and chaos rather than the order that is common in large cities. The report is filmed – apart from the interviews – using the sequence shot technique and steadycam function, to give the document more realism and dynamism. We walk through the entire illegal camp where the authorities do not even dare to enter and even take part in a Sunday football match and eat with them.

Production: Cibele Haas