Urban dream

2003-2004 | 400




A piece recreating the city as the urban construction of chaos. It uses sonic and visual metaphors to subjectively suggest that various moral shortcomings and needs of the city. "Urban Dream" looks at the emerging need to return to lost values and new morals for urban man. We enter the dense human jungle, and by means of abstraction and playing with visual and sound metaphors, it suggests things to us. The city is presented as the urban construction of chaos, as a mixture between excess and underlying multiculturalism.

All the images are original and recorded in Barcelona and the sounds are recorded on a MiniDisc and digitally manipulated with a computer. The idea is to mix these footage and to create a symbolic journey on which the viewer feels like a participant in the story and gives it the meaning he/she considers appropriate, with all the ambiguity that the piece entails.

XXI… Great Barcelona and Urban Dream are the result of the specialisation in various Video Production subjects on the Master's Degree in Digital Arts taken between 2003 and 2005 at Pompeu Fabra University.

Music credits:

"What's The Difference" - Dr. DRE (feat. Eminem, Phish, Xzibit)/p>

"Summer Overture"- Clint Mansell

"I'll find you there" - Asher Quinn

"Sailing On The Silk Blue Sea" - Asher Quinn