Massana School

2005 | 752




An educational video created to raise the profile of the La Massana image centre among students. The script recreates the various phases of the creative design process in order to show students the reality of graphic design and multimedia. Seven-minute video for the CNICE (Spanish Government National Information, Communication and Education Centre), an educational project for students at the La Massana image centre. The script includes and shows the various stages of graphic design and depicts the students at the school and how they work.

The work with the production company Tasmania Films continued after the production of the advertisement and didactic video for la Massana for the clients Focus and CNICE.

A short twelve-minute educational video, produced for the theatre production company Focus based on promoting the Vapor Vell library in Barcelona. I also worked as a production assistant in a series of 12 documentaries commissioned by the Òmnium Cultural based on the Catalan Letters Honorary Prizes. The first was Joan Margarit and the second was Josep Palau i Fabre. The documentaries were broadcast on the C33 television channel six months after they were filmed. I worked as a production assistant for Roman Parrado in the production company Alexander Productions. 
I also worked on the design and implementation of content for various websites - distributed first as a CD with the documentary - of the Catalan Letters Honorary Prizes. An example can be seen in the section Multimedia – Joan Badia i Margarit website.