Reel Espill Media 2014


Espill Media produces audiovisual, interactive and transmedia works. It is based in Vic and was founded in 2013 by five partners. We have a holistic and integral view of audiovisual and interactive media and believe in their transforming powers. We aim to mix them effectively to create innovative transmedia experiences.To guarantee the quality of the projects we are constantly feeding three areas of expertise: production - research - training. Thanks to our research and learning we are up to date on the latest production trends. Thanks to our education and training we are in contact with potential customers and can therefore test new concepts and interfaces. Thanks to our production we can offer quality education, teaching and knowledge transfer.

Espill Media embraces three basic premises: teamwork, quality and innovation. We want what we do and how we do it to differentiate us from other production companies. We believe in collaborative work, the network model and collective intelligence. Our objective is to offer quality project development, research and training services. That is why our team works in collaboration with specialists in different fields: audiovisual, multimedia, communication, new technologies, journalism, graphic design, photography, graphic arts, etc.

Image selection and script: Arnau Gifreu

Video edition: Isaac Martínez

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