Cyborg Project


Cyborg Project is a cross-platform and transmedia experience with the intention of recreating in different ways, using technology, the experience of not perceiving colors and the world of cyborgs. The different parts of the project aim to invite the user to experience different ways of perceiving and relating to the world of color. But Cyborg Project is more than that: turns people into cyborgs. No, not to use them as war machines, but to widen their senses and capabilities by creating and applying cybernetic extensions to the human body. Parts of the transmedia project developed: Cyborg Project Website (1); Cyborg Foundation Website (2); Audiovisual Documentary/In a multicolor chip (3); Interactive Documentary/In a multicolor chip (4); Eyeborgapp: mobile application for Android + iOS (5); Neil Harbisson personal website (6); Games Platform (7).

Image selection and script: Arnau Gifreu

Video edition: Isaac Martínez

* Cyborg project website:

Produced by Espill Media

Direction: Roger Soldevila

Executive and transmedia Production: Arnau Gifreu

Design: Raymond Lagonigro, Josep Cumeras and Roger Soldevila

Web development: Raymond Lagonigro and Josep Cumeras

Audiovisual production: Isaac Martinez y Roger Soldevila

Promotion: Arnau Gifreu