Urban composition





An interface recreating an urban landscape. Using 3D graphics and thought-provoking sounds, it expresses a vision of a city as a place of accumulation, where people converge, cultural richness and multiple perceptions. This composition is part of a vision of the city as a place where people converge, which entails cultural richness, an abundance of different points of view, various ways of looking at life, exchange, a wealth of feelings; in short, humanity. 

On the one hand, the city is considered in terms of this global idea, in the sense that it could refer to any city in the world, and on the other it comes from, or is developed based on a specific place in Barcelona. The metro transfer passageway between the green line and the yellow line at Passeig de Gràcia is a place through which hundreds and hundreds of people pass every day. On the beams along the passage, acting as milestones along the journey down it, there is or there was a poem, "The Farewell," which reflected on life in its most human sense. It is a reflection on the facts of life from the perspective of a mature person; he talks about if he or she had more time to live, how he or she would live it, what things he or she would make a priority, all of which is spoken from the heart and with sincerity.

Music: Rosamérica Urtasun