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Corporatove video that explains Campus Móvil, an exclusive social network for mobile devices for your academic community. Campus Móvil is an exclusive social network for mobile devices for your academic community. It enables you to use your time without computer-based access to the Internet (on public transport, time between classes, at the library, in bars, etc.) to continue interacting with your peers. You can also receive news and events about your university and its surroundings, design your own personalised mini-communities, listen to classes and other short multimedia content, and produce clips of information on your mobile and then recover and reuse them on other platforms.

Campus Móvil was created at Stanford University in 2007 based on the research “Mobile devices and Web 2.0 apps. Towards the design of a prototype of university teaching innovation” directed by Dr Hugo Pardo Kuklinski and financed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. The researcher Pardo Kuklinski was Visiting Professor of the Stanford HCI Group and designed the end project with the support of Joel Brandt.

Campus Móvil was initially supported by the Genesis Capital Programme and the Innova Programme of the Government of Catalonia's Centre for Business Innovation and Development (CIDEM).

The institutional mission of Funky Mobile Ideas SL is to promote platforms for services via mobile devices for the Latin American university community, in order to meet the unresolved needs of ubiquitous communication in that consumer market, in both services and knowledge management for academic uses.

Its main product is the application Its complementary business line is personalised mobile platforms and external consultancy services for universities and educational institutions in Latin American countries, using its Campus Móvil Lab.