Campo, landscapes, places and tradition





An experimental piece in video clip format about the village of Campo. An experimental collage mixing video, animation, photography and music.The author's first exercise in style and video production. The source is a home camera and the work involves the montage, using one of the first versions of Adobe Premiere (non-linear digital software) for experiments in the field of video and audio editing. The version moves in a direction from the broadest scenarios (the landscapes of the valley of Benasque), followed by unusual places in the village (places) and some of the activities that characterise its people (tradition). The journey therefore starts on a general plane before moving into the field of the particular, its people's more intimate realm. The video clip was shown for two days at the Traditional Museum of Village Games during the week of culture in 2000.

Campo is a unit with its own identity within my creative universe. Campo is nature in its purest state, an unexplored virgin space. This beautiful Aragonese village located in the province of Huesca was an area for testing and experimentation, a place where the imagination has no limits and everything is possible in my creative process. I think of Campo as a type of real laboratory of digital sounds and images, and based on that idea I think of different projects that are consistent with this initial perspective. 

The audiovisual part focuses on the city (on Barcelona) and especially on professional jobs and commissions. Campo is a complete break, a turning point which entails the development of the pleasure of free creation, with no restrictions or deadlines. In short, Campo is new ground for trying out and experimenting with various types of genres and formats.

I initially produced a promotional video clip, an image gallery and some posters for the Village Festival; in the second phase I experimented with a video game and took a lot of video images to create an archive about the physical evolution of the place; in the third phase I produced a creative documentary focusing on various stories and themes of great interest in the village and in the fourth and current phase, I am working on the second part of the documentary and a short fiction film.

Music credits

"Los Biblicos" - Buddha Bar

"The String Thing" - Buddha Bar

"Moi Lolita" - Alizee

"Thank you" - Millenium

"Chinchana" - Orquestra Pershing